Video interview


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Kate invited Mr. Jonathan Littman (coauthor of Art of Innovation and of Ten Faces of Innovation, and Founder of Smartup Life) to attend the INS Conference in Beijing in early September. In the meantime, Jonathan asked to interview Kate for his forthcoming book with respects to the human side of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Jonathan is seeking out global entrepreneurial people like Kate and wanted to interview Kate to get her sense about the strides Chinese are making in innovation and entrepreneurship.


The interview was carried out on September 8th, consisting of many topics.  Please refer to selected videos as follows:

  • Part 1: About KateChanResearch's entrepreneurial experience (1)

  • Part 2: About KateChanResearch's entrepreneurial experience (2)

  • Part 3: Kate explains the difference between the East and the West in their cognition of science and technology


  • Part 6: Kate mentioned the changes in eating habits between the East and the West

  •  Part 7: Kate talks about women entrepreneurs in China

  • Part 8: Kate talks about what the Chinese companies should learn from the West in terms of internationalization. She also mentioned the classic, ancient Chinese philosophy of Tao Te Ching and suggests how the West should learn from the East

  •  Part 9: Kate talks about comparison between architectural design of San Francisco and of Beijing; decomposition of the idea of co-location; design quality gap; as well as the prototype of co-working spaces

  •  Part 10: Kate talks about co-location comes from the idea-decomposition of hotels; tendency in human cooperation; global planning and design; and barriers will be unfolded in the future; as well as about the future trend of “open mindset” which is to end “closed mindset”, that’s human evolution

  • Part 11: Kate talks about the concept of sharing coming from the book of changes (ICHING). Human value and consciousness will be enhanced